Certifications and recognitions

Since 2001, Waterville TG has been proud to actively participate in environmental initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint. The ISO14001 certification is maintained and shows the willingness of our company to always do more for the environment, in turn benefiting the community.

Since 2004, the company has been maintaining it ISO/TS 16949 certification. This certification is given to the automotive industry supplier that has demonstrated to a third party its capacity to maintain its quality management system compliant with international standards.

Besides international certifications, Waterville TG also satisfies various certification programs required by its clients, such as :

Q1 : Ford requires this certification, which comprises the ISO/TS 16949 certification, as well as the compliance to MMOG (Materials Management Operations Guideline) requirements, and a satisfactory level of PPM. The supplier management system must be reviewed one a year by submitting evidences of our conformity to the client’s MSA (Manufacturing Site Assessement).

QSB : GM has its own supplier management validation system, which equires compliance to the QSB Audit (Quality Systems Basics Audit) criteria. Obviously, the international ISO/TS 16949 norm is one of the first elements that a supplier needs to statisfy.

Environment recognitions


2007 : Waterville TG joined the ‘’Energy Savers’ Circle’’ (Ecolectric)  following  the compressed air network optimization project. This project allowed the reduction of electricity consumption  by 5% at  the Waterville plant.

2016 : Waterville TG (Waterville, Quebec) was recognized by Hydro-Quebec for their outstanding participation in a pilot project to implement an Electric Energy Management System based on the voluntary ISO 50001 standard.



2008 : Waterville TG won the “Pollution Prevention Prize”  from the Honda Green Factory Award.

2008 : Waterville TG won the “Natural Resources Conservations Prize” from the Honda Green Factory Award.


FEE  (Eastern township environmental foundation)

2008 : Waterville TG won the award of the FEE in the large and medium Enterprise or institution category.