Technical developments


To meet the highest standards of the automotive industry, we create our own rubber and coating recipes. Through the years, we have built ourselves a solid reputation, based on the performance of our materials, as well as their efficiency in terms or weight, which in turn reduces their environmental footprint and their fuel consumption.


When a new technology arises, we do our best to draw a benefit from it. If a new product requires the conception of new technologies, we create them. If a new need requires a reinvention of one of our products, we do it.

We look beyond the needs of our clients, with cutting edge technologies in molding, extrusion and automated inspection, as well as creating a new generation of ultra-light products. Everything that needs to be done should be done better.


Since 2009, product design is made inside the walls of the Waterville facility. We believe that the design of our products must be based on an in-depth knowledge of our manufacturing processes, thus maximizing the quality and performance of the systems we put on the market.

This adds to the quality reputation that has preceded us for the past 25 years. Quality obviously starts from product design.

Quality assurance

Waterville TG is known for the quality of its products, in terms of design and manufacturing. This reputation allows us to be considered as a potential privileged supplied for numerous contracts.

The role of the Quality Assurance group is to support the company in the attainment of its quality objectives. The main functions of the Quality Assurance group are:

  • Maintaining and improving the Quality System
  • Controlling quality in our facilities
  • Controlling quality with our clients