WTG in the community


Waterville TG is proud to support Centraide Estrie, which is a regional private charitable organization that was founded in 1975.

Centraide Estrie gathers resources to contribute to the improvement of the livelihood of impoverished and vulnerable individuals, in partnership with community organizations as well as volunteers committed to its clients.

Waterville TG participates on an annual basis to the Centraide Estrie awareness campaign and several employees regularly contribute to the campaign by having an amount of their choice deducted directly from their paycheck for Centraide.


The CSMO Caoutchouc (Sectorial Manpower Committee for the Rubber manufacturing sector) has for mission to develop employment in the rubber sector, to participate and to collaborate to the training of a qualified workforce, and to efficiently manage human resources. The CSMO Caoutchouc committee currently has amongst its representatives employers, workers, as well as government representatives, who contribute to the elaboration of intervention strategies in our field of activity. Waterville TG is proud to participate in the Board of Administration of the CSMO, and thus participating in the selection of orientations and interventions in the industry.


The Association was founded in 1952 and its members represent ninety percent (90%) of the independent direct or indirect production of automotive parts in Canada. In 2008, the exportation of automotive parts represented 24 billion dollars and the industry was employing over 79 000 people.

The fundamental goal of the APMA is to promote the O.E. automotive supply industry both domestically and internationally. The Association provides an important representation to both federal and provincial governments, as well as executing global marketing initiatives to develop trade and business opportunities for its members.


The Maison Régionale de l’Industrie (M.R.I.) was created in 1981 by a group of managers from manufacturing businesses to promote industrial development, to provide common services and to favour exchanges between businesses. The M.R.I. is a non-profit-making organism which self finances its operations, and whose mission is to support managers of manufacturing and technological industries – as well as their teams- thanks to information, liaison and representation services to improve their performance.

One of WTG’s managers represents the company at the M.R.I.

WTG received, for its support to the M.R.I. in its first 30 years, a recognition trophy Large Business at the 30th anniversary event of the M.R.I.

Canadian rubber association

The Canadian rubber industry protects and promotes the rubber industry across Canada. The mission of the association if to forge a competitive global industry for a better Canada.

FEE (township environmental foundation)

Since 1991, the FEE, a non-profit organization, promotes environmental protection and sustainable development in the Eastern Townships.

The mission of the foundation is to contribute to population awareness by promoting concrete actions that ensure sustainable development. In addition, the FEE helps to raise funds for various environmental projects in the region.

Since 2011, Serge Lamontagne, the Maintenance, Plant engineering and environmental Manager, is an active board member of the FEE. He participates in the organization of the Gala Awards for Environmental Excellence for the Eastern Townships.

Web site link : http://fondationfee.ca/wordpress/

MEQ (Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters)

Quebec manufacturers and exporters (MEQ) is a division of Canadian manufacturers and exporters (CME). Founded in 1871, it’s the most important commercial and industrial association in Canada. The mission of MEQ is to improve the business environment and help companies to be more competitive in the local and international markets.

Waterville TG is proud to be part of the MEQ network for Maintenance and Reliability as well as Sustainable  Development. Accordingly, the company takes part in drafting guidelines on best practices to be adopted by industry.

Web site link : http://qc.cme-mec.ca/


Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is a association between private industry and the federal government. Waterville TG has been a member of this program since 2004. CIPEC promotes best practice for energy management through the collaboration of an Executive Board, a Task Force Council and sector tasks force.

Their mission is to promote effective voluntary action that reduces industrial energy use per unit of production, thereby improving economic performance while participating in meeting Canada’s climate change objectives.